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Help rescue captive bears in need

Your Support Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Captive Bear

Bear Alert

Have you seen a captive bear and are you concerned about its welfare? If so, we want to hear from you!

By reporting a captive bear that you believe is in trouble, you can help us help the bear. Your report will help us take the necessary action and hopefully it marks the start of a new life for this bear.

Thank you for caring and taking the time to help us help them.

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Bear Alerts in progress

Bear in a cage in Bosnia

Location: Bosnia Herzegovina,

Tourist Complex “Eko Fis”,

Šišava, Municipality of Travnik

Species: European brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos)

Sex: Female named 'Gary'

Owner: Private

Condition: Poor enclosure of 10x10 mtr, reasonable health

Current status: Private zoo, owners do not have the appropriate permits.

Help us give captive bears a second chance!

This is why you should report a bear in need:

Bears are iconic animals, part of our natural world, but they are facing many challenges. Habitat destruction and loss of suitable space to live, human-caused mortality like illegal hunting, trade in bear parts for traditional medicines, but also keeping bears as pets or in private 'zoos'. Cubs are illegally traded and end up behind bars, living their lives under unsuitable and in miserable conditions. By reporting any captive bear that you come across, you can help us help them. Your report will help us take the appropriate action and prevent other bears from ending up in similar conditions.

About us hey

Bear Alert is developed by Bears in Mind & to keep track of the many captive bears, often living under horrible conditions, in order to help as many individuals as possible.

Over time, Bears in Mind has gathered information on more than 400 of these bears in captivity. Some of them have already been rescued from their miserable existence and brought to a sanctuary or zoo where proper care and space could be offered. Other bears unfortunately died before we could we do anything. Some individuals vanished... But most of them still await a better life.

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Bear Alert is developed by & to keep track of the many captive bears.